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Viper TTL Transmitter für Canon

Viper TTL Sender

Part No: 1005 520.0
  • Control up to three groups of flash guns, each group comprising of multiple
  •  TTL, manual and Multi (Stroboscopic) mode
  •  Digital Channel Matching provides reliable
  •  Easily adjust mode & values on a group by group
  •  LCD Display indicates zones A, B & C on/off & flash power output
  •  Kompatibel mit original brand & some 3rd party
  •  Full wireless connectivity mit the MODUS 600RT Speedlight OR use mit MODUS 600RT Speedlight für off-camera 
  • Micro USB socket für software upgrade

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>  Download and save the zip file below for the VIPER TTL
    Note that the firmware installation and upgrade can only be done using a Windows PC or laptop
    Apple IOS not compatible

>  Select the correct language (EN, FR or DE)

>  Follow the detailed instructions which are included in the contents of the zip file below

>  Any problems, contact info@hahnel.ie

V26 -Viper TTL Transmitter

This firmware fixes the over-exposure problem for Canon EOS-R

This firmware has been made compatible with Canon camera 2000D/1500D & 4000D/3000D

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